Mrs K. Youll:

"An absolute must for anyone and everyone involved in selling, whatever the size of your organisation. The book takes you through the whole sales process in an engaging way, giving practical assistance at every step. The case studies highlight how the same principles can be used in a variety of organisations, products and services. Tamara Howard asks challenging questions, and then gives you the tools to come up with the most appropriate answers.

I loved how I could just dip in and out, without having to read through a mass of padding. And I also loved that the book is geared to the UK marketplace!"


M. Schisano:

"The book is a gem for anyone in need of a practical, complete and step-by-step guide to setting-up a Sales department or for bringing it to the next level. While explicitly targeting SME businesses, I found the book is also full of useful information and valuable reminders for larger companies.
Who's Paying for Lunch is an hands-on read, it contains self assessments, exercises, lists of do's and dont's, quick reference summaries, case studies across different industries and products, clear diagrams and pictures, and it does not have to be read in order! From a content perspective the book is divided in three parts: 1) Your People - Creating a Sales Culture 2) Your Marketplace & Your Product - Your Strategy 3) Your Engine Room - Keeping Your Selling Machine Tuned and Running.
Always looking for a manual I feel this is a great one and it will not leave you wanting should be looking for a roadmap to sell more and better!"


Chantal Cornelius:

"Tamara really is an expert in sales and shares her extensive knowledge in this easy to read book. It's well structured, so you can dip into the section you need most right now; or you can start at the beginning and work your way through. Too many small businesses don't they have to do sales, which is why they don't grow and thrive. Follow the advice in the book and you'll see how easy it is to bring sales into your business and grow it."