Consulting Services

Executive Coach/Advisor

Where do executives go to discuss their ideas? Challenges? Risks? Who understands and has the experience to help?  This isolation is the great challenge of most leaders.  That’s where executive advisors can help.  Dr Tamara Howard has helped many CEO’s and other senior managers figure out the best way forward.  She provides an unbiased view and experience that can assist executives to determine and fine hone key plans and strategic direction. She understands your issues and can offer constructive insights and suggestions to supplement your vision.

Interim Sales and Marketing Executive

Do you want to grow your business quickly?  Then the sales management you have now may not be what you need in 12 to 24 months’ time.  Why employ a full time professional whose skills will be outdated in the short-term future? It is precisely for these situations that an Interim Executive could provide your best solution.Do you need to change your sales channels?  If so, a ‘channel manager’ requires a different set of skills then a more traditional sales manager.  Are you planning to shift your emphasis from high turnover, low margin to high margin, value-based sales?  These two approaches require radically different sales skills and sales support.Haven’t made up your mind and want to ‘test the water’?  If so, it’s even more important to use the skill of someone who has done it all until you understand your business’s new direction and the permanent skills you require.  Dr Tamara Howard has sold and managed sales and marketing in companies of all sizes and in an international arena.  Large or small, she can ‘fill the gap’ until your growth justifies employing the right person full time.

Strategic Positioning

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, the world has changed radically.  Most businesses now need to adjust – some to survive and some to grasp new opportunities and to prosper.  Knowing how to change effectively and seamlessly is key. Does your traditional market operate in the same way? Have your customers’ buying patterns changed?  When you make any changes, you will need to clearly articulate you new market positioning and sales strategy. Dr Tamara Howard has worked with other businesses with these issues and, more importantly, has overseen multiple organizational change problems in businesses large and small, to implement these changes seamless.


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